Past events


Saturday, May 11, 2013 (All day)

Cultivating Humanism HMS: A symposium on Medicine and the Arts

On May 11, 2013, Arts & Humanities @  HMS presented Cultivating Humanism II: A symposium on Medicine and the Arts which explored and underscored the profound and important value of incorporating the arts and humanities into the medical settings. Participants  worked with faculty artists and physicians to explore the art and humanities in the service of patient care, team building and caregiver learning, reflection and renewal.

 Other past events: 

  • HMS Coffeehouse at TMEC that featured readings by medical students, poetry by Dr. Rafael Campo and music performed by HMS students and faculty 2012
  • FAS Coffeehouse (2013)
  • The Emerging Field of Medical Humanities (2013)
  • Careers in the Arts & Humanities (2013)
  • Careers in Public History, Humanities, and the Arts (2013)
  • Cultivating Humanism in Medicine Symposium (2013 co-sponsored with Gold Foundation)
  • Narrative medicine session with Rafael Campo,  Susan Pories, and Natasha Trethewey,Poet Laureate of the United States 2014
  • Narrative medicine session with Danielle Ofri, Bellevue Literary Review 2014
  • Cambridge Forum, "Why Doctors Write" with Danielle Ofri
  • January term day-long course for Harvard undergraduates at Museum of Fine Arts including narrative medicine, music, and arts education 2014
  • “Wit” performance including medical students and ART theatre students 2014
  • Actor/Comedian Brian Lobel performed “Ball and Other Funny Stories about Cancer” A narrative workshop on the patient experience
  • Night of Medicine and Art for Medical Educators at MFA  2014
  • January Term Course for undergraduates at the Harvard Museum
  • Gold Foundation event,  "Days of Discontent: Mending the Broken Bond Between Patient and Practitioner"
  • Concert: “Boundless Realms of Joy”
  • Symposium: Beyond the Concert Hall
  • HMS at the Harvard Arts First Festival
  • Poetry Within Illness: Reading by Rafael Campo, Martha Collins, Steven Cramer
  • Panel Discussion: Parkinson's Disease and Dance
  • Dinner Talk: Zombies, Neuroscience, & Psychology
  • Arranging for a grand piano to be placed in TMEC Atrium for a week; with a performance schedule and also time open for spontaneous jam sessions.
  • David Jones and two other faculty took a large group of medical students  to see the play “Ether Dome” at the Huntington Theatre
  • “Give Yourselves a Break” in the HMS classrooms at TMEC, offering workshops in writing, painting and improv theater.
  • Screening of  TV pilot cowritten and produced by medical student Roshan Sethi (200 students attended this event)
  • “Anatomy & the Arts” workshops in writing, music, and painting in preparation for the HMS-HSDM Anatomical Donor Memorial Service
  • Painting workshop led by HMS students as part of 2015 Revisit weekend
  • A Discussion with Professor Rafael Campo, Physician and Poet