Medicine & Magic


Thursday, October 20, 2022, 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Countway, room 102

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In medicine, it is often that which is unseen that is as critical as the seen. What biases do we bring, what assumption might we be making that interferes with wholesome care of our patients?

Magic performances provide a safe, constrained exemplification of surprise, allowing us to find the edges of our experiences and helping inform us as to how to build a world beyond.

Join us for a presentation on medicine and magic (along with some magic tricks) as we ponder the intersection between these worlds with Harvard-affiliated magicians Stephen Wood and Jeanette Andrews.

Stephen P. Wood is an acute care nurse practitioner and the Director of Advanced Practice Providers for the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center. He is a former fellow in bioethics at the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School and a current fellow in the Petrie Flom Center for Healthcare Policy and Bioethics at the Harvard Law School. Although most of his work is centered around the opioid epidemic, human trafficking and advanced directives, he also has an interest in using analogy to discuss abstract concepts. Stephen started in magic at the age of six and performed children's shows for many years. He now performs for people with neurodegenerative and cognitive disorders.

Jeanette Andrews is an artist and magician. Andrews’ work focuses on the development of interactive magic and sensory illusions via performance, sculpture, installation and audio. Over 27 years of specialized study and technical training in parlor and sleight of hand magic has now afforded her a distinct perspective on crafting experiences with nuanced psychological underpinnings. Her research-based process centers around phenomenological philosophy, contemporary cognitive science, and physics. Her work is rooted in highlighting astonishing aspects of everyday life via moments of the seemingly impossible to create a lived phenomenology. Andrews works closely with museums and galleries to recontextualize magic within the cultural arts and explore this craft as a performance art medium. She has presented numerous commissioned works with the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, including her 2020 work “Invisible Museums of the Unseen,” which was later commissioned as a site-specific work for the Quebec City Biennial. Further site-specific works for numerous museums and galleries include the Elmhurst Art Museum, Birmingham Museum of Art and International Museum of Surgical Science. Andrews is also an acclaimed speaker, presenting with the Cooper Hewitt, Chicago Ideas, Fortune 500 companies, and universities and conferences across the country. She has been an artist in residence for High Concept Labs in Chicago and The Institute for Art and Olfaction in Los Angeles.

She is currently an Affiliate of metaLab (at) Harvard and an artist in residence at CultureLAB LIC in New York City. Illusion is Andrews’ life’s work and her performances have been praised by the Chicago Tribune, PBS, and the New York Times.