Schubert in the TMEC

November 2, 2016

On October 13, 2016, The Tosteson Medical Education Center (TMEC) was transformed into a concert hall. In the spirit of blending the medical and musical with the new and the old, undergraduate musicians from Harvard, students from Harvard Medical School, and students and faculty of New England Conservatory joined together to make sense of our crazy lives through music. The evening began with a new duet commissioned especially for this occasionin inviting listeners to sit back and reflect on the resonance of Schubert.

Franz Schubert’s profound cello quintet, written in the 19th century, still resonates deeply with all of us today—musicians and music lovers. Attendees had the opportunity to come together, as members of the medical and musical communities, to explore that resonance—with their differing learned skills as both technicians and as communicators, bringing their individual and collective stories, lives, births, and deaths. This musical concert was brought into the medical space because of the appreciation of life on this planet in it fragility and its promise.

Please read more about this event through the words of Amy Magin in her article, "Music as Medicine."